How to improve performance of Linux VPS?

Linux VPS is used by most of business owners for online website hosting today. All of them want to their Server to be responsive as possible. If you select the lowest VPS plan (less than 1 GB) and think that your server has already optimized – it is not true. VPS servers have some limited system resources so it is critical task to get the best performance by a server. For getting the best results with VPS hosting it would be important for you to follow the some easy steps and increase server effectiveness and see how it work better for you. best virtual server

Configure MySql

One of the best ways to expand your available RAM for Linux VPS is installing MySQL cache of the right size. If you noticed that your MySQL server instance is using too much memory, you can decrease the MySQL cache sizes. If MySQL gets slow down with large requests then increase the MySQL cache. By configuring Mysql you can investigate different sizes to see which one works the best for your needs.

Disable Control Panels

The top way to increase your VPS performance is to disable control panel that are not necessary. Most people would like to use some of the most popular and well known control panels like Plesk and cPanel. However, disabling these software packages frees up quite a bit of resources- sometimes as much as 120 MB of RAM! Sometimes the best solution is to disable these control panels, until you actually need them-You will only need to reinstall them with the help of a shell prompt or by running a small script.

Disable All Unwanted Features

If you do not need any features which are available at your Linux VPS then immediately you should disable it means removing the plug-ins and modules that might not be using currently. This all unwanted Services not only use the valuable RAM and increase the CPU time but also possibly allow your server to be attacked remotely. By disabling unnecessary features you decrease the system memory that is much useful for server software such as MySql, Apache and PHP etc.

Configure Apache properly

The Apache server is a recognized for its role in the development of the World Wide Web so before expanding your RAM, Check how much memory Apache is using, and adjust the Start Servers and Min Spare Server directives as needed to save up more memory.

Almost best virtual server plans start with 256MB to 512MB of RAM at low cost and if you are going to upgrade these plans, it’s too costly. In this situation by using these steps it will be possible that you could make you’re VPS more effectively and faster.

It is crucial step to follow these tricks in the absence of a talented system administrator or consultant but you have a good technical team then they can perform easily this step within two hours.

If you manage your dedicated virtual private server by using this simple and easy trick then it guaranteed that you can not only save the 30-40% amount of RAM, which is used by your VPS but also you may save big money per month.


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