A Reference guide to Web hosting Control Panels

By the privious blogs we easy understand about Why unmanaged Linux VPS is best for you?  Now get the guidance to Web hosting Control Panels.

Web hosting is very essential need to make a website alive for the whole world, and the competitiveness of the web hosting filed pressuring the web hosting provider to excel their services each other. So almost all the tiny and big fish from this market is offering something extra sometime it can be free domains and the pricing but the control panels are making a difference.

A Control panel is a software and unique solution for any hosting account essentially needs for managing email accounts, marketing tools, databases, domains and much more.  In other words a control panel is a software interface we can use to manage our web hosting account, we can control all the tasks within a control panel. Trough control panel we can manage all our functions like opening of our FTP account, static reports and email creation.

Below is a list of the most commonly used control panels:


cPanel is a one of the most used control panel all around the world. It only runs on Linux systems, but performs a great job. It was quite complex but it has added so many new features to reduce its complexity. Due to its best and rock solid performance with the latest inclusive add ons, this is one the best choice for the Linux servers.


Plesk comes at second number and one of the most dominate contender in this list. Provided by Parallels Inc. It’s available for both Linux and windows, that is why it has an edge over cPanel. With concerns to security it has been continuously improved over the years. However many people feel its less secure but the GUI is more accessible and easy to use.

Supreme Control Panel

This is one of the best control panels and specially designed for new and experienced web host as same. It offers easy to use navigation and a worldwide variety of features. One of the best feature it provides live states for traffic, bandwidth, error logs and databases. Almost all the aspects related to hosting can be managed with the help of this Supreme Control Panel.


Helm is a full featured Control Panel, it shares many features of Plesk as well as cPanel, but it’s windows specification gives it an edge. Based on reviews Helm is has got a more favorable response for its GUI and its functionality. It is a boon for resellers due to the its integrated billing and payment system. A one of the best strong points of helm, its flexibility and stability allowing the additions of mail servers and DNS servers as required.


SiteWorx is best described as a control panel designed for the uses beginners and new to web hosting. It allows to manage all management tools and essential tools includes email, domains, files, state and databases from the main page features.

There are so many variants of control panels exist, but the above five are most common and worldwide used control panels. All control panels have some strengths and weaknesses. And the primary factor in deciding which one is best depends on someone needs and budget.

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