Why Linux VPS is popular in SEO Market


Virtual private server is a middle way between dedicated and shared servers which allows dedicated server facilities at affordable cost. Many experts of web hosting suggest VPS to user due to its best features. If you have a group of websites then Linux VPS is best for hosting. Many people’s have confusion about VPS hosting is SEO friendly or not.

Search engine optimization means increasing the visibility of a website on search engines like Google, yahoo, bing by using On page and off page tricks. You can achieve success in SEO if your website is hosted properly on server means have the best loading time of a website. There is no direct relationship between SEO and web hosting but indirectly a server where your website is hosted, affecting the visibility or traffic of website.

It is difficult subject to decide that which server is better in terms of SEO. Shared, dedicated and VPS, between in this three servers shared is not SEO friendly due to load time but dedicated and VPS, these two server are SEO friendly. A dedicated server is not affordable for all users because of high cost so ultimately VPS is only a best option for websites hosting.

How VPS hosting is SEO friendly?

Nobody wishes to spend more than a few seconds for a page to load. If a site is very slow to load or shows error message then user may go back to the search engine and select another site. In this condition bounce rate of website is increased and it may affect the ranking and reputation of the website. These types of problems are experienced due to server performance.

The best features of Linux VPS hosting is that its fast accessing speed, safety of all the data and information which do not have to share physically. With a VPS you have more control over the server. It mostly works by creating virtual divisions on the server which allows each account to have its own block of server that’s not affecting others.

VPS hosting provides best server performance in terms of uptime, security, reliability and accessibility. You can expect that you are able to access faster CPU speed and more disk space for storage mean 100% uptime. Stability is the most important element of Linux VPS as it guaranteed that other accounts on the server do not change your websites.

Due to dedicated block of server it ensures that if someone made changes in their account, it doesn’t affect to your website and interrupts you. The result is your website always shows in top at search engine.

Some time bulk traffic has affected the loading time of a website. Virtual private server provides facility for easy upgrading RAM and space on the server, meaning that if your application starts hoarding more RAM, it is very easy for this to be contracted with. It is helpfully for maintaining loading time in situations of high traffic.

These all benefits show that how VPS is profitable for all users in terms of SEO. So before you choose hosting server for your website, you must consider the features and benefits of a VPS.


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