Importance of Control Panels for Unmanaged VPS

Virtual Private Servers are the best option for those who are not satisfied with shared server, but not able to switched dedicated hosting due to high cost. In all cases the VPS server has developed as one of the most popular and effective solution for a large number of business owners. One the basis of management of severs two types of VPS hosting is offer by providers Managed and unmanaged.

In case of managed, there is no need to take tension about server management and maintenance, but it is more costly as well as risky for e-commerce websites and business to deal the control of server with third-party so prefers Unmanaged VPS. With Unmanaged, management of server & software installation, all things manage by owner.

There are several advantages of control Panels for the unmanaged server. Firstly, understand that what is the control panel? This is the software for website management. It is having function like easy to install and no need the high levels of ability.

Importance of control panel:

  1. There are several features of the console which shows it as a great tool for virtual private server. The first profit is that it provides opportunity for user that monitors website statistics including daily to monthly visit information means provides incoming traffic information.
  2. File management is a basic part of web server for a website. It is possible and easy with the panel.
  3. The MySQL, Apache tomcat and other database make easy web data management process. This all database software installation is also easily possible by console.
  4. Domain management for any website is easy by control panel’s tools. According to your needs without any difficulty Creation and management of sub domains as well as redirection of domains is also possible by control panel.
  5. All types of panel provides web management friendly interface which makes easy to the process of web page uploading to server.
  6. The file transfer method used through this software is the most usual. The access rights are enough for the other FTP account creation.
  7. Anti-spam features are one of the benefits which associate with control panels for VPS servers. It provides enough and effective backup facility for the user’s website.
  8. Creation of the email account of user with company domains is also possible by email server dashboard.

Both the beginners and advanced users can find several benefits from using the panel. If you are looking open source free software for your VPS, then you can find there are many control panels available in the market like OpenPanel, Kloxo, HostinABox, ISPConfig, webmin, but they have some limitation due to free services.

As commercial control panels like cPanel, Plesk, and Direct Admin are specially designed for managing a VPS as a web server. These panels easily manage the daily requirements of your web server. Your choice between free and commercial are depend on your requirements for best virtual server.


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