Unmanaged VPS – A Better Option for Server Hosting

Unmanaged VPS hosting is also termed as a Virtual Dedicated Server, which always an opted by large scaled and medium-sized businesses because it awards right to use a dedicated server at the same level and is also an affordable option for the users who frustrated with shared hosting.

Virtual server is an advanced invention of hosting which based on positioning a system for accessing multiple servers. The growth of the virtualization technology has taken VPS into the market as reliable solution and cost-effective too.

Unmanaged is design to give customers great flexibility at a very low price with a high performance and reliability so VPS hosting called bridge between shared and dedicated.

There are several advantages of unmanaged VPS:

Amazing price – It can offer you a terrific value. The VPS technology allows you the well-distributed costs of software, network connectivity, hardware and maintenance without affecting the server quality. With unmanaged you can make your own server at low-budget if you have technical know-how, experience about VPS. Unmanaged available at $15 per month but buyer must care about server run time.

High-end Security and Protection ā€“ You get guarantee about wonderful security with unmanaged VPS because the server runs happily in the isolated background so don’t find stability problems in your system.

If you select Linux as your operating system then you don’t need spending money on antivirus because Security experts identified that Linux is free O/S which not affected by worms, Trojans, spyware and malware problems So as much as possible you should prefer Linux VPS for your business.

Flexibility of Use ā€“ Primary advantage of unmanaged VPS is the independent control of server in terms of memory, bandwidth, software installation, usage, and storage space. Having full root access means you are eligible for access the server. VPS give full root access flexibility. With the help of full root access you can customize and make changes in server per your need. In case of unmanaged system root access play an important role for managing the server. It enables various custom applications or add-on scripts which give you the freedom to interact with the server deeply.

Great Services ā€“ As on the performance, VPS is best server. With virtual private server you can get easily back up of your website and database because it acquire the easy backup facility with all emails, files and databases. It also offers guaranteed system resources that offer a robust and scalable environment for your business.

When decide for your company or yourself to choose between a managed or unmanaged, focused yourself on above mentioned benefits of unmanaged VPS. If you’re looking to save money then give first preference to unmanaged. To handle the issue related to configuration, software and troubleshooting is not big deal for when of unmanaged VPS if you have great technical knowledge about server.


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